Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list

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Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list Empty Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list

Post by fizz on Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:59 pm

So a supposedly respectable Japanese group has put out the following tier list for Smash 4:

Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list Show?1417705628

What do you guys think about this? I haven't followed competitive discussion too much for this game. What makes Diddy this good? I definitely agree with Shiek, Yoshi and ZSS being A-rank. The other A-ranks I'm less sure about.

I'll comment on my mains. I think DK should be higher. He's so capable of racking up damage very easily with combos (I love SH double bair, stringing together uair after uair, etc.). He has so many quick, powerful moves, and can nerf opponents very easily with fair and the very quick dair. He just strikes me as an extremely solid character all around and I'm not sure why he's not higher. I do understand that this is a fairly well-balanced game, so DK could be this low because, while he's good, everyone else is more good... but I still think he could go up a few places.

Having used WFT a whole lot, I agree with her placement. She's quite difficult to do much with against a good opponent. Too weak, too slow, and at least for me, too reliant on "gimmicks". For instance, stuff like throwing off side-Bs from the ledge can be very effective against less experienced opponents, but if you're playing a competent player, they'll always see stuff like that coming. She's unique but has too many shortcomings.

Oh, I'm also quite surprised that Greninja's not higher. He may be somewhat overhyped, but he's still such a good character.

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Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list Empty Re: Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list

Post by VZero on Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:30 pm

hmm this tier list has some good points but some bad points also in my opinion.
the top tiers seems right, though i still think its too early to put Diddy at tthe top. still hes a top 5 character though.

and i believe Marth and Lucina are way too low. their speed and pressure are damn good. i dont know why their so low. 

Also i agree with you with DK Fizz. He is very underrated! he may not be the best but hes got some good set ups and should be at least mid tier. WFT does a steep learning curve. i think her hit boxes are super small, with the exception of her/his forward smash

Japanese Smash 4 v. 1.04 tier list Es21_s10

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